School Renovation & Remodelling Project

BAF School Improvement Programme (BSIP)

The school remodelling and renovation project is one of the flagship projects of the foundation, usually the most expensive to execute and also the first under the BAF School Improvement Programmes (BSIP). One of the core operational philosophies of the foundation is ensuring the learning environments of pupils are both adequate and conducive for learning.

The BAF School Improvement Programme (BSIP) is aimed at ensuring pupils of public primary schools are provided with befitting and effective learning environment. It is obvious that a large portion of every child?s time is spent sitting in the classrooms where they gain understanding of their roles and what is expected of them by the society. Reports from various researches also suggest that one of the areas that make a noticeable difference in the learning process of a child remains the school and immediate classroom environment. Owing to these facts, the foundation thought of no better of kick-starting its goal of improving the quality of education in Nigeria by ensuring children learn in conducive and comfortable environment as seen in most private schools around.

The task of providing suitable learning environments for children is enormous and varies from school to school. Bunmi Adedayo Foundation has therefore developed a system that defines the type and extent of interventions projects the foundation will carry out at beneficiary schools. The foundation has extensively turned around 2 public schools namely Yaba Model Nursery and Primary School and Nathan Nursery and Primary School both in Surulere LGA, Lagos. See project highlights here.

New Yaba Model Nursery & Primary School

New Nathan School

Old Yaba Model Nursery & Primary School

Old Nathan School

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